We reduce employee risk with the email threat story

Lower your risk

A story needs a storyteller

And who could be better to tell that story than James Linton. In 2017 he showed how ineffective current protections were against social engineering attacks. Even the White House — a global symbol of security and safety — had to sit up and take note.

He then took his talents into the email security industry, to turn the tables on the scammers; to start tricking them, and study how they operate.

Now he wants to pass on all the practical tips and tricks he has learnt from his experiences of being on both sides of the fence.

Our launch product, The Email Threat Training System, is how James would help a friend or family member understand the threats they face being an email user.

Glue risks to actions

Email enables us to ask and to do. And it's only during times of 'doing' that we are at risk from a threat, so those are the only times we need to turn our security brain on.

Our original concept of Ask&Do sits at the heart of our training, enabling us to define the relationship between sender and recipient.

Engaging and laid-back

We use music, colour, humour, animation, and dance to help our content be undemanding on the viewer. Actually we lied about the dance bit.

Share the story today

The optimum time to reduce risk is when you don't have to. So we have our bags packed ready, and could be levelling up your employees within the hour.
Instant SCORM Download

We host the training videos for you so all you’re left to do is upload our directory (1.5mb) into your LMS, and you're good to go. Lucy, KnowBe4, Wizer BOOST, Terranova — all allow you to upload our course directly into their app.

ETTS™ Version Updates

Once you've purchased our training system, that's not goodbye. Any extra content or updates to our Email Threat Training System™ will be automatically sent out to you for the period of your subscription, a bit like software.

Just love so far

This is my favourite "security preparedness training" ever