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Email Threat Training System

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Email Threat Training System

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The Email Threat Training System is a downloadable video training course complete with quiz questions. There are no videos to host — we take care of that.

If you are subscribed to LucyKnowBe4, Wizer BOOST, Terranova or PhishMe, you can upload our course directly into their platform.

We spent a huge amount of time reducing the complex relationships behind email threats into a prescriptive and visual language that anyone can just ‘get’. 

Multilevel learning

On paper, the topics the ETTS™ covers in only 15 minutes is insane by traditional awareness standards. But it works, it isn’t overwhelming. We achieved this by dropping industry terms that added nothing of value, and by leveraging the fact that everyone has already used email for years.

By layering our insights with care our training system can show your executives why process and trust is so important, whilst also informing staff who face fewer risks how scammers will try to socially engineer them. It’s like the Simpsons — old and young take different things from it, but it happens in a harmonious way.

An example of how we explain credential stuffing in a way everyone can understand.  

Why use our system to boost employee threat knowledge 

  • We focus on just the email behaviour with risk
  • We explain credential stuffing - a growing problem in 2021
  • No previous phishing training required
  • Neurodiverse friendly
  • We offer more detail in all areas, providing essential understanding for roles which carry a larger responsibility for the cyber risks your organization faces
  • No mention of currencies or anything country specific

Where does the ETTS sit?

As well as working well as a single email threat training solution, it will play nicely with other email awareness content you might be rolling out.  

The ETTS is a thoughtfully considered course put together with care, enabling you to quickly and easily provide your employees with a fresh perspective on email threats and the story behind them.